Grammar-Song: Present Perfect Progressive

I‘ ve been watching TV – since 8 o’clock
You’ve been playing games – for half an hour.
I’ ve been listening to music – since 9 o’clock.
He’ s been reading a book – for two hours.
How long has Paul been searching on the internet?
Since when has Mary been playing with her cat?
He’ s been working on the web for 20 minutes.
She’ s been playing with her cat since she came home.

 I‘ve been playing the guitar – for fifteen minutes
You‘ve been waiting for your friend – since 8 o’clock
I‚ve been living in this town – since 1990
She‘s been working in the garden – since 9 o’clock
What have they been doing – since 10 o’clock
What has Paul been doingfor one hour
They‚ve been playing football – since 10 o’clock
Paul‘s been sleeping in his bed – for one hour